Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who wants a new layout!?!??!

Do you guys like this layout?
Yeah, me niether.
Click Here to preview a possible new layout.
Feedback welcome!


  1. im not sure man i dont rele mind the current layout but if you dont like it change it, its ur blog :) also ive tried to find a way of gettin hold of you more direct but if it isnt to much hassle (i dont know how long it takes to upload) could you upload the 6blocc collection again? cus i finally have fast internet but its no longer up.

  2. I'm sorry homie, but I lost the 6blocc collection when my old laptop failed. :(

    Also, within the coming weeks I will be removing all copyrighted material (ie. songs) from this blog for good so that I can pursue a more ethical position within the scene.

    Thanks for the good feedback on the layout! You know, I'm not quite sure if I'm going to change it so drastically or not but I am definitely trying to find someone to do some really quality graphics work. If you can or know anybody that does graphics shoot me an email: