Saturday, May 16, 2009

Phokus & Mr. Boogie - Studio Mix

Released: April 2009
Style: Dubstep, Grime
Bitrate: 192

01.together - breakage (digital soundboy)
02.versus - burial (ma hobbs - warrior dubs)
03.flower people remix - 6blocc vs bombaman (unreleased)
04.i like u - phokus (unreleased)
05.illin n fillin it (starkey remix) - armand van helden
06.suck out - jeeday jaws, random impulse, black the ripper
07.flat beat remix - unknown (dub&run)
08.the blank - skism (wicky lindows)
09.heartbroken - mr curtamos (unreleased)
10.mine shaft - physical (unreleased)
11.nitroglycerine - sarantis feat. dialect & asher don (unreleased)
12.streetsound - noah d & roommate (THT002DG)
13.champion bubbler (soccastep rmx) - rogue state (unreleased)
14.don´t you mess around with me - marchmellow (unreleased)
15.everybody do the superskank - the others (dubpolice)
16.6blocc - babylon bwoy (unreleased)
17.haffi lively up - unknown (unreleased)
18.glowinthedarkstep - mr.curtamos (unreleased)
19.cloakin d - rakoon (unreleased)
20.mario castle - dub crookz (unreleased)
21.explicit - elmakay (dubpolice)
22.hate 2 love u - unknown (unreleased)
23.crunch - flux pavillion feat. datsik (unreleased)
24.hermaphrodite - dubcrookz (unreleased)
25.tex mahrs - 12th planet feat. datsik (unreleased)
26.selled souls - bar 9 (white label)
27.untitled - mr.boogie feat. bukez finezt (unreleased)
28.rock da bells - jakes (hench)
29.push ´em up - mr.neon (unreleased)
30.magical girl - spoonface/unknown rmx (unreleased)
31.jeman - jsl rmx (unreleased)
32.take it easy - mungos hifi (unreleased)

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***p.s. praise raptor jesus hahahahaha