Monday, September 7, 2009

Renton - Behind the frontline 4

Released: 2009
Style: Dubstep
Bitrate: 192
About: Renton is a Moscow dubstep DJ, who promotes Russian music on the Internet. He is a creator of a series of mixes, in which stuff of Russian and Russian-speaking musicians is gathered. The 4th mix which consists of more than 40 tunes and lasts for almost 2 hours just came out. About 30 people worked at it and it shows the level of Russian dubstep scene.

Bisweed-The Underwater Trip
lostlojic-Second Renaissance
Suntea-Belka & Strelka
sKiZm-Babylon Demise
Bisweed-Dusty Shadows
Synkro & Faib-Inhale
lostlojic-Emptiness sKiZm Refix
Leftie & Duberman-Nightmare
St.Rider-Packo Dance
St.Rider-Bloody Fist
Кровоcток-Жеcть (Mek bootleg)
Bass Tandem-Last Year's Snow Was Fallin
Kamuh-Rude Motion
Bass Tandem-Tesla's Device
Googah-Like That
crispo-time to die
Okapi & Faib-nirvana
Bisweed & Schmove-13 Bullets
Bass Tandem-Uranium
Plater-Story about
i3i3-girl girl cry cry
5.4 aka Suntea-Not Enough Silence (Suntea's dubstep mix)
Urbanite-Chewing fat
Suntea-In The Night
Mek-Fucking Crack
autobahn 16-hall disco
urbanite-when restlessness attacks
Bass Tandem-5 A.M.
Bass Tandem-Engine
Autobahn 16-Hardcore
Suntea & R1-Tender
Faib-somewhere far away
Leftie & Duberman-Ganja Skillz
Dub Tonny-Perestanovka 3000
Mutti-Romance (sugar bear mystery remix)

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LEADBELLY - Filth Comes In Small Packages

Released: 2009
Style: Dubstep
Bitrate: 128

Pendulum - Tarantula (LeBelgElectrod Hardstep rmx)
Twisted - Infect
AC Slater - Hello (Taal Mala rmx)
Funtcase - Gorilla flex
Mr Sleepz - Suck Out (Filthstep rmx)
Jakes - Justice
Chasing Shadows - Ill
Chimpo - Pump Action
Deftones - Shove it! (Bar 9 rmx)


Бalkansky promo mix

Released: July 2009
Style: Dubstep, IDM
Bitrate: 192

Known for his hard hitting dnb with outputs on Position Chrome, Offkey and Subsistenz that have gained him so much credos in dnb has now turned his skills and unique energy to one of his main loves Dubstep.

01.Ultramarin - Rapship,Sapship, Rapshipsarap (Balkansky Remix) [Kuker Music]
02.Stephan Panev - You Can Loose Your Self (Balkansky rmx) [hole recordings]
03.Vlada Tomova - Dimyaninka (Balkansky Remix)
04.Balkansky - Fairy Dance [Kuker Music]
05.Balkansky - Berger
06.Lisa Gerrard - Dawn of the Iconoclast (Balkansky Rootless Seaweed mashup)
07.Ultrablack - Pigmi (Balkansky Remix) [subtrakt]
08.Balkansky - Sundown [Subtrakt]
09.Cooh feat Ruth - Under My Skin (Balkansky Remix)
10.Balkansky - Here
11.Balkansky - United [Subtrakt]
12.Balkansky - Koi [Subtrakt]
13.Pendulum - Showdown (Excision Remix) [Ear Storm]
14.Stefka Subotinova - The Mountain Sank Below The Horizon (Balkansky mashup)
15.Underhill - User Error [Subtrakt]
16.Balkansky & Theodosii Spassov - Kuker [Kuker Music]
17.Balkansky - Deetoretro [Subtrakt]
18.Balkansky - Yatak
19.Balkansky - D Mark
20.Badun - Ef10 (Balkansky Remix)
21.Balkansky - The Bells Of The Stars [Kuker Music]
22.Balkansky - Are We
23.MJ - Earth Song (Balkansky mash up)

this mix is truly beautiful... recommended to everyone!

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Phaseone - Thanks But No Thanks

Released: 2009
Style: Glitch, Hip-Hop
Bitrate: 192
01 Marty & Sonietta 1
02 Temp Tags _ Starfox 1
03 Cadence + Athena 1
04 Confessio Amantis 1
05 Tim Gun 1
06 Love Test (Only) 1
07 Fist Fulla Dollas 1
08 Tower Grove Joint 1
09 Sage 1
10 Hot Mess _ Metal Dub 1
11 Hate Week 1
12 (Only) Reprise 1
13 Alladat 1