Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stuntman - Mix For Pricks July 2010

Bitrate: 256
Style: Dubstep

Claw - Instigator (dub)
Richie August - Warning (Stunt's Wiley Mash) (dub) (forthcoming on Savory Audio)
Richie August - Side 2 Side (forthcoming Savory Audio) OUT NOW!!!!!
Bombaman - Partial Nudity (dub)
Hulk - Zoloft (dub)
Claw - Fuck Up (Hulk VIP) (forthcoming Shift)
Hulk - Hot Peppers (dub)
Atreus - Reality Check (dub)
Triage - Onlooker (Dubstep Records)
Skream - Raw Dogz (free)
Richie August & Nameloc - Replaced (dub)
Symbl - Meet Me Outside VIP (dub)
Hulk - Flatbrim Funk (dub)
Conscious Pilot - Hash & Hydro (Trillbass VIP) (dub)

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1 comment:

  1. hey, that warning mashup is not going to come out, but the original track "warning" is out now on savory audio.