Monday, September 7, 2009

Renton - Behind the frontline 4

Released: 2009
Style: Dubstep
Bitrate: 192
About: Renton is a Moscow dubstep DJ, who promotes Russian music on the Internet. He is a creator of a series of mixes, in which stuff of Russian and Russian-speaking musicians is gathered. The 4th mix which consists of more than 40 tunes and lasts for almost 2 hours just came out. About 30 people worked at it and it shows the level of Russian dubstep scene.

Bisweed-The Underwater Trip
lostlojic-Second Renaissance
Suntea-Belka & Strelka
sKiZm-Babylon Demise
Bisweed-Dusty Shadows
Synkro & Faib-Inhale
lostlojic-Emptiness sKiZm Refix
Leftie & Duberman-Nightmare
St.Rider-Packo Dance
St.Rider-Bloody Fist
Кровоcток-Жеcть (Mek bootleg)
Bass Tandem-Last Year's Snow Was Fallin
Kamuh-Rude Motion
Bass Tandem-Tesla's Device
Googah-Like That
crispo-time to die
Okapi & Faib-nirvana
Bisweed & Schmove-13 Bullets
Bass Tandem-Uranium
Plater-Story about
i3i3-girl girl cry cry
5.4 aka Suntea-Not Enough Silence (Suntea's dubstep mix)
Urbanite-Chewing fat
Suntea-In The Night
Mek-Fucking Crack
autobahn 16-hall disco
urbanite-when restlessness attacks
Bass Tandem-5 A.M.
Bass Tandem-Engine
Autobahn 16-Hardcore
Suntea & R1-Tender
Faib-somewhere far away
Leftie & Duberman-Ganja Skillz
Dub Tonny-Perestanovka 3000
Mutti-Romance (sugar bear mystery remix)

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