Saturday, April 25, 2009


First post!

Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dubstep

Sukh Knight - Faith (Forthcoming True Tiger)
Kromestar - Weak (Forthcoming Dubstar)
Mr Lager ft Alys Be - Tell Me (Forthcoming Sub Freq)
Shandy - The Who (DUB)
Sukh Knight - Lick It (Forthcoming True Tiger)
Sukh Knight - Knightlife (Forthcoming Nasha Records)
Sukh Knight - Up In Smoke (Forthcoming True Tiger)
Sukh Knight - Shankle (DUB)
DJG & Antiserum - Bulgarian Funk (DUB)
The Nasha Experience - Untitled (DUB)
Emalkay - Solid State (DUB)
Sukh Knight - On Tick (DUB)
2000F ft Riko - Copenhagen Big Murderah (DUB)
Sukh Knight - Ganja Dub (Forthcoming True Tiger)
Rob Sparx - Sludge (Forthcoming AudioFreaks)
Sukh Knight - Beneath Your Blouse (Forthcoming True Tiger)
Kromestar - Head Twist (DUB)
Bar9 - Coalescence (DUB)
Sukh Knight & Shandy - Look At (DUB)
Stenchman - Made You Look (DUB)
Sukh Knight - Mr Cheese (DUB)
Cardopusher - Gibold (DUB)
Sukh Knight - Hands In Your Pockets (Forthcoming True Tiger)
Tes La Rok - Strap (DUB)
Be Real - Lager Unit (DUB)
Sukh Knight - Oblivion (DUB)


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